Introduction of enterprise:
    Shandong Yanzhou Shengyuan Instruments Co., Ltd was established in 1985.It is the first company that deals in the design and manufacturing of piano tuning and repair tools in the country.
Since its establishment in 1985, Shengyuan Instruments gradually developed into a multi-element mid-level enterprise that integrates product development, Manufacturing, Processing, managing and sales. The company developed by itself the XuanGong brand of more than one thousand kinds of products in four series that include: Piano tuning tools, Equipment, Piano parts and accessories. They are suitable to be used in the tuning and repair of upright pianos and grand pianos. Based on the standardability, Practicality, Superior workmanship, And complete selection of its products, The company has enjoyed the praise of national and international piano tuning professionals and piano manufacturers alike for many years.
Quality guideline at shengyuan: Quality in my hands, customers in my heart.
Service principle of Shengyuan: Winning through trust, Treating others with sincerity, Meeting customers needs as Shengyuans honor.
The company is located in the city of Yanzhou, One of the nine ancient Zhous. It is the birthplace of kong,Tse and meng tse.To the east it looks onto three Kong, To the north it looks at taishan, To the south at weishan lake. The surroundings are beautiful. The transportation here is convenient.Both chairman of the board and president, Yan Tingxue together with all of our employees wholeheartedly welcome friends from all walks of life, Both here and abroad to come and give us advice, Talk business with us, And to play music together for a wonderful tomorrow!

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