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    The meeting bosom friend of high mountain of running water - - developing Shandong that keeps forging ahead Yan the state sound far limited company of musical instrument
The world of piano black and white key is splendid incomparably, that pair of key as if the ladder between a black and white appearance, accompany the tone color of string and shake popular feeling that resounds through sky , take our step of one step into the hall hall of music. And to let piano deduce , splendid melody maintains shrewd accurate note, professional tune lawyer is essential, tune law repair tool has also emerged as the times require.
Shandong Yan the state sound far limited company of musical instrument( original Yan the state city sound far factory of musical instrument) are the first professional enterprise of our country that is engaged in design to make piano to adjust law repair tool. Company"s beginning is built in 1985, the unceasing developing that goes through near 20 years keeps forging ahead , enterprise is now already developed by the initial family workshop type individual processing field household that 4 face brothers manage together for the diversity enterprise that gathers product development and makes processing and sales in one body. Company possesses the research troops of advanced professional manufacture equipment, accurate workmanship and excellence , has the precise processing people person and 3 engineers more than 20 , has 3 groups with the domestic program of universities cooperation, company"s product has piano to adjust law repair tool, equipment and piano spare and accessory parts and Bei the article attached 4 big serieses, and according to the demand of market and customer, it is new to push constantly to display. , company"s product receives domestic each piano domestic manufacturer and the professional favour of tune law circle famous personage deeply with its standard, practicality, technology and kind complete etc. characteristic, especially tune law repair tool, quality is good , has exquisite workmanship , is in domestic leading level , dare compare with import product , is registered in 1998 in national industrial and commercial bureau for the trade mark of" Xuan palace" brand , and becomes domestic famous trademark gradually.
1991, face Ting study to enter the sound far factory of musical instrument is engaged in guidance and the management of product technology, processing manufacture and enterprise operation. 1998, Yan the state sound far factory change of musical instrument is Yan the state city sound far factory of musical instrument, face Ting study to take charge of the representative of legal entity and the management of sole proprietorship. February 2004, Yan the state city sound far factory of musical instrument formal more name is Yan the state sound far limited company of musical instrument, face Ting study to take charge of company"s chairman of the board simultaneously general manager. Enterprise has gone to from this a new way and enterprise scale that suits market economic survival and may develop continuously fast submit with economic benefits ladder type increases progressively.
The face of rich innovation spirit Ting study to develop young person dare think of the innovation consciousness and pioneering spirit that dare do , in management work and the reform of enterprise, follow the law of socialist market economy , insist that the enterprise development of " strong quality, outside tree image " is watched , initiate the operation of " with trademark strategic strong enterprise " concept. , in on department management, develop the spirit that fights and begs to deal with concrete matters really corporately , establish sound every rule system step by step , have formed the system of product warranty of the type of closed circuit. Company emphasizes technical and talent development , puts in several ten ten thousands Yuan one after another, have purchased new numerical control and the equipment of producing professionally , the production that has changed original handwork schoolwork pattern, have raised product technology standard and quality level greatly. On product development changing original immutable shine single schoolwork pattern, asks domestic piano circle famous professor and tune lawyer to be good teacher and helpful friend, according to their suggestion and demand and the actual needs that combine piano tune law repair, improve product performance constantly , put forth effort to optimize product technology , develop meticulously to develop new product , have supplemental product and the tool of new money every year to put in market. On moulding enterprise image, company does not put coloured frame, not do blindly propaganda, rely on opening up the ideological development enterprise that keeps forging ahead , rely on first class product quality stand by with weight Nuo reputation, win support and the trust of customer. In 2003, company"s formal league global musical instrument is neted , the website that has founded self has realized domestic and international businessman, share on the net of resource, have raised enterprise popularity. Company"s product has been also introduced popularization year by year to sell some of countries such as past Malaysia and Hong Kong with region.
Looking ahead into the future, infinity is beautiful. Sound is far and artificial to realize the magnificent goal of " occupy home market, lead international trend ", will insist the fine tradition of hard business founding continuously , march forward together with our times , open up innovation , develop in inheriting , strengthen in developing , is at the same time the boost motor of enterprise development in accordance with the power that the application of science and technology develops for enterprise, in accordance with the service regarded to exceed value and the guarantee that product quality develops for enterprise , let this trademark " Xuan palace" carry forward more.
" friend comes from distant place, not also music Hu ". Yan the state sound far limited company of musical instrument is located when one of ancient China Yan state city, land place hole Meng Zhi Town, east faces upward " 3 holes", north Zhan Mount Taishan, south hopes tiny mountain lake, environment is graceful, traffic is convenient, chairman of the board simultaneously general manager face Ting study to carry company"s all employee zeal welcome the domestic and international friend of all circles is present to guide , discuss business , play beautiful tomorrow together!

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